Seco Warwick Presents 3rd Annual Heat Treatment & Metallurgy E-Seminar

The Monty Heat Treat News” and “SECO/WARWICKhave partnered to share Seco Warwick’s 3rd Annual Heat Treatment & Metallurgy E-Seminar. Below you can find additional details about the E-Seminar as well as a link to register.

SECO/WARWICK and partners will be sharing their knowledge and experience – worldwide and…. for free! Acknowledged technology leaders and professionalists will share their knowledge, expertise, and experience online. You can be part of this virtual forum!

It is not just another webinar, another series of boring online lectures; it is a platform for exchanging industry expertise and experience, a meeting of practitioners and scientists, and a coming together of business and science for the times we live in. The world of heat treatment and metallurgy is now meeting in the web of; connections, dependencies, and influences on the B2B platform hosted by the SECO/WARWICK Group.

You will learn about technology, expand your horizons and knowledge, exchange experiences and views, talk about business today and tomorrow, discuss the industry and the challenges it faces, and connect with the world in the comfort of your own home or office.


Register now:

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