SECO/WARWICK Organizes Heat Treatment 4.0 e-SEMINAR

SECO/WARWICK – the leader in heat treatment and vacuum metallurgy – will hold the industry’s first virtual meeting of international specialists, and will share their knowledge and experience online. Expert Wednesday, September 9, includes 3 thematic blocks, speakers from around the world, discussion panels, thousands of participants, with scientific and business disciplines in one network of connections.

In brief: 

• Expert Wednesday, 9/09/2020, 
• 15.00 – 18.00 Central European Time (CET) 
• 3 hours of online meeting – 3 thematic blocks – 3 TV expert studies, 
• 3 parallel thematic rooms, i.e. 9 hours of lectures, panels, discussions, interviews, 
• Your choice of topic and meeting room, 
• admission: US$12.99 – $1 donated to charity, 
• strengths of science, industry leaders, business giants, component manufacturers or suppliers – the whole world of heat treatment and metallurgy in one place, 
• 360-degree view of the industry, 
• unique topics and materials, exceptional speakers, as well as recordings and access to the event archive, 
• range – global, counted in thousands of participants, 
• language of the event – English, 
• broadcasting – only on-line. 

The price includes: 

• access to 3 virtual meeting rooms, 
• personalized agenda prepared by the participant, 
• certificate of participation in the training, 
• conference materials, 
• 9 hours of training, 
• 3 hours of on-line meeting, 
• access to recordings for 3 days after the event. 

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