Sauber Motorsport To Install Quintus HIP System

Seems like every time we turn around these days we hear about Quintus selling another HIP system. If you would like a nice, clear, easy to read article about why Hot Isostatic Pressing seems to be attracting so much attention these days we would suggest reading this interview with the CEO of the company Mr. Jan Söderström. By the way the photo that accompanies this news item was taken just last week at Paulo in Cleveland, Ohio, USA during their open house to showcase their brand new Quintus system. 

“Sauber Motorsport AG, a part of the Sauber Group of Companies, launched a long-term partnership with Title Sponsor Alfa Romeo in 2018 and have now chosen Quintus Technologies to supply their hot isostatic pressing (HIP) equipment. “The partnership with Quintus is an important milestone on Sauber Engineering’s Additive Manufacturing journey” said Christoph Hansen, head of technical development at Sauber Engineering AG. “The implementation of the hot isostatic pressing process adds massive value in bringing performance to our car as well as for the demanding needs of our customers. By using Quintus’s HIP technology, the Sauber Group will be able to push the boundaries of what we do even further and bring the materials we produce to an outstanding level.”

With the QIH 21 M URQ®, Alfa Romeo Racing has access to Quintus’s proprietary URQ® technology, which allows heat treatment and cooling to be combined in a single process, known as high-pressure heat treatment. The QIH 21 M URQ® has an operating temperature of 2,552°F (1,400°C). “We are excited to be partnering with one of the most iconic Formula One teams—Alfa Romeo Racing,” said Jan Söderström, CEO of Quintus Technologies. “This collaboration brings together two organizations at the forefront of advanced development and product innovation in the AM field. Working with Alfa Romeo Racing also gives us at Quintus a unique opportunity to show a large audience how well the modern HIP technology optimizes material properties.”