ROTEC Russia to Install High Vacuum Brazing Furnace

ROTEC, Russia’s first and only facility that manufactures welded honeycomb seals, has purchased a SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace system that will enable ROTEC to expand the range and volume of manufactured products.

The SECO/WARWICK technology solution improves the surface quality of products after brazing, preventing oxidation and discoloration. The central application  for the SECOWARWICK vacuum furnace  equipped with high vacuum (HPGQ) capability will be soldering parts for the aerospace industry and turbine manufacturing. SECO/WARWICK high vacuum systems are highly adaptable to a wide variety of processes characterized by shorter cycle times, increased throughput and precise process monitoring.

This solution will significantly improve the quality of the surfaces of the treated metals in terms of deformation, color, oxidation and repeatability of the process, which is a solution to the basic problems involved with vacuum brazing. The heat treatment process results must meet the high standards of AMS2750E and AMS2769A.

“Clients of highly demanding industries evaluate the experience, certificates and references of a partner, because they must be sure of the quality of the contractor’s work. There is no shortage of credentials for SECO/WARWICK. Our clients set their standards high and expect the highest quality equipment and services that will meet both restrictive industrial standards and their expectations in terms of the technology implemented. In the aerospace and energy industries where standards are set particularly high, meeting such requirements would not be possible without the regular implementation of product and technology innovations,” says Maciej Korecki, Vice President, Vacuum Furnace Segment SECO/WARWICK.

Maciej Korecki, Vice President, Vacuum Furnace Segment SECO/WARWICK

ROTEC specializes in design and turnkey construction of complex power-engineering facilities and infrastructure, the development and commercial operation of the hardware-software analytic package for monitoring and predicting the condition of industrial equipment (PRANA system), the development and production of components for the aviation and power engineering applications, high-efficiency supercapacitor energy storage and accumulation systems, and also in manufacturing, retrofitting and maintaining basic energy equipment.

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