Rohde Schutzgasoefen GmbH Receives Two Large Furnace Orders

​According to the is press release from furnace builder Rohde Schutzgasoefen GmbH, of Hanau, Germany the company closed out the year on a very positive note with two new furnace orders. We will let Rohde give you the details;

“We are glad that just before the end of this very strange year, Rohde received two new furnace orders. The first order is for a gas carburizing furnace with a batch table, a useable diameter of 2 meters and a depth of 3 meters (79” x 118”). The second order was for a gas nitriding furnace with a useable diameter of 1.7 meters and a depth of 2.2 meters (67” x 87”). The photo below shows 2 very similar furnaces in our facility during in house hot acceptance testing. We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year for which is starting to look quite promising.” Rohde Schutzgasöfen GmbH | | Rohde Schutzgasöfen GmbH (

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