Rohde Schutzgasoefen GmbH Chosen To Partner in Energy Project

Furnace manufacturer Rohde Schutzgasoefen GmbH of Hanau, Germany is very pleased to be selected as a partner for the ETA factory which is forming a research group  “ETA | Energy Technologies and Applications in Production”. Attached photo is courtesy of TU Darmstadt / PTW / ETA-Fabrik / Hessen Schafft Wissen / Foto: Jan Hosan.

“We are pleased to announce, that Rohde Schutzgasoefen GmbH of Hanau, Germany has been chosen as a project partner for the ETA factory which is part of the Technical University of Darmstadt. The research group “ETA | Energy Technologies and Applications in Production” strives for the vision of making tomorrow’s industrial production energy-efficient, energy-flexible and resource-efficient, thus making a significant contribution to CO2-neutral production. This factory was founded to make production technology research tangible and to set out new goals for the environmentally friendly production of tomorrow. (sponsered by BMWi, Hessen and the technical university of Darmstadt) 

Rohde Schutzgasoefen is taking part in the project called “ETA Energy technologies and applications in production of existing plants: technology and method kit for increasing energy efficiency in the metalworking industry’s inventory sponsered by the BMWi and Hessen.” (ETA im Bestand – Technologie- und Methodenbaukasten zur Energieeffizienzsteigerung im Bestand der Metallverarbeitenden Industrie). Rohde will contribute to energy efficient heat treatment in exisiting plants by using exisiting measures and by developing new measures to increase energy efficiency. The focus will be on the following;

  • reduction of energy consumption for process exhaust gas combustion,
  • avoidance of cold bridges (injection system instead of circulation),
  • analysis of the efficiency potential of existing plants,
  • development of an expert system “energy-efficient furnace construction.

We look forward to sharing the newly gained knowledge with our customers and helping them to become more efficient in their energy usage. Contact; Natasha Rohde, [email protected]

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