Roger A. Jones, FASM, Honored as CEO Emeritus

“Souderton, PA, January 4 Solar Atmospheres recently awarded the title of CEO Emeritus to Roger A. Jones, FASM. The honorary title was conferred by the company, and announces his semi-retirement as Solar Atmospheres’ CEO, the culmination of 45 years of leadership and service to the vacuum heat treating industry. 

A 1974 graduate of Hocking Technical College (Nelsonville, Ohio), Roger began his professional career in the heat treating industry at ABAR Corporation. Jones left ABAR in 1978 to join the newly formed Vacuum Furnace Systems Corporation (VFS), working with his father and VFS founder, William R. Jones FASM. In 1983, Roger assisted the founding of Solar Atmospheres, Inc., serving as Vice President until 1993. Jones was promoted to President in 2001, and eventually to CEO in June 2017, overseeing operations of all four heat treating facilities.

As a member of several professional societies, Jones has provided leadership and has received numerous industry awards, primarily from the American Society of Materials (ASM) and the Metal Treating Institute (MTI). Jones has been recognized time and again for his outstanding commitment and service to the vacuum heat treating industry.”