Roctel Induction Heating Equipment Auction

July 30, 2020 saw an auction at auto parts supplier Roctel in Guelph, Ontario, Canada (we should point out that while the auction was at Roctel the equipment was actually owned by General Motors). Included in the auction were a number of different items including spline rollers, washers and particularly of interest to us a couple of  very impressive Induction Heating systems, specifically an Inductoheat Induction Heat Treat Equipment, Model # Inductoscan, Serial # ME 20354 and an Inductoheat Induction Heat Treat Equipment, Model # I/S-UP16-300-10, Serial # ME 45093-1. Auctions are funny things in that sometimes items are sold at wildly inflated prices, other times at a fraction of their true value. In this particular case the induction systems sold for well under $50,000 which we would consider to be very much on the low end of their value.