Robert Wooler Company Furnace Auction-Who Bought the Equipment?

As an update to our story of last week about commercial heat treater Robert Wooler in the USA closing down and the equipment been auctioned off we have these comments from the company who purchased a lot of the equipment. Our understanding is that most of the items Solar did not buy went to used equipment dealers.

“We have lost a good heat treat company, Wooler, here in the greater Philadelphia area. Auctions are always difficult for me, and particularly not to get caught up in the flair. I sit on the side line and let my professionals do the actual bidding to keep me calm.

So, we bought the Solar, and VFS, vacuum furnaces (3) along with 15 other items making Solar the the highest price bidder to the tune of over $240,000. In my opinion prices were at fair value and the on line auction went well. The Solar Vacuum furnace, ten years old, was the most expensive and contested item selling for $140,000. Bill Jones, Owner Solar Atmosphere Companies”