Read About a Surface Hardening Company Achieving ISO 14001

“We’re proud to announce that Expanite – the Danish specialist within surface hardening and heat treatment of stainless steel and titanium – has achieved the ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 has become the international standard for designing and implementing an environmental management system. Companies that achieve the certification have proper procedures in place to measure, reduce and manage their environmental impact.

Audited by TÜV Nord, one the world’s largest inspection, certification and testing organization, Expanite demonstrated that our environmental management system meets the requirements of ISO 14001.

The certification requires Expanite to consider all environmental issues relevant to the business, to have a strategy for managing issues, and to continually improve. Since the foundation of Expanite, sustainabilityand environmental aspects hereof has been a part of our company DNA. Expanite is the leader in sustainable surface hardening solutions – and in this light, the ISO14001 is a very important milestone. “Sustainability and reducing the environmental impact are important guiding principles of Expanite, principles that we work hard to live up to. We are committed to sustainability and have a responsibility to the communities in which we operate. The completion of the global ISO 14001 certification process is a strong testament to that commitment”, says CEO Thomas Abel Sandholdt.

What is ISO 14001; Any organisation that achieves ISO 14001 certification must consider a wide variety of potential environmental impacts, including air pollution, water and sewage issues, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation, resource use and efficiency. ISO 14001 certification is a guarantee for quality in the environmental management system, and thecompany’s compliance can be audited. This means anyone doing business with Expanite can be reassured we have procedures in place to measure, reduce and manage our environmental impact.

Setting targets for Expanite’s environmental impact; At Expanite, certification and the active management of our environment management system will ensure that we among other topics will focus on:

• A reduction in the use of resources and materials
• Less waste production (and therefore reduced costs for waste management)
• An increase in the share of renewable resources
• Improve our internal structures to guarantee efficient performance resulting in sustainability
• Pushing the standards for our industry

Finally, the ISO14001 certification is an opportunity to demonstrate to our team, our customers, and the community that we´re committed to the environment. Expanite also holds ISO 9001 certification, and we believe that both ISO certificates reflect our commitment and dedication to working to the highest possible standards in every aspect of our business.

About Expanite; Expanite offers a technology, that prevents wear, galling and corrosion of components in stainless steel or titanium, by hardening the material in a pure gas environment, with no toxic waste and the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. Expanite is a global organization with a combined development and production facility near Copenhagen, Denmark, and hardening capacity in the US, Germany, Korea and China. Expanite’s solutions are flexible and can be introduced directly into a customer’s own production line as part of a licensing arrangement. Learn more on

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