Quench Salt Crisis in The Making in North America? We Think So!

It would appear that there might be a crisis in the making for the supply of quench salts-lets provide some background. For years now a very substantial player in the supply of quench salts in North America has been Park Thermal International in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Park has supplied the industry with Neutral Salts for austentizing, hardening, annealing, normalizing and pre-heating. High Speed Steel Hardening Salts for solution treating, quenching, tempering and casting. Quenching & Tempering Salts for low temperature drawing, quenching and ausquenching/austempering and martempering and Salt Bath Rectifiers to help maintain optimum bath operating conditions. As reported in “The Monty Heat Treat News” just last week the company very unexpectedly closed their doors for good without giving their customers any warning. So far “The Monty” has fielded a half dozen calls just this morning all asking the same thing-who else supplies quench salts? We are going to do some digging and provide some alternatives. Stay tuned.

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This photo shows Park Thermal quench salts in use at a captive heat treater in the USA who has a number of mesh belt austempering furnaces in operation.