Pyromaitre Builds Largest Tempering Oven in Their History

Familiar with oven builder Pyromaitre? Pyromaitre is based in Quebec City, Canada which is not exactly a hotbed of manufacturing but one of the nicest cities in North America in our opinion. The company has been around for a number of years and has made a real name for themselves in a very specialized market-tempering ovens largely for the spring industry. The company is very excited by the fact that they just produced their largest oven ever, a monster capable of processing 13 tons (30,000 pounds) per hour of product. This by the way means 1200 suspension springs per hour which is what the oven is needed for. The system has working dimensions of 110″ wide x 60′ long, is capable of 1,000 F with temperature uniformity of +-10F. It’s a pretty cool system and we congratulate the company.

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