Pyradia, St. Hubert, Canada

Furnace and oven builder Pyradia in Canada is a company we have been bumping into more and more over the years, so much so that we decided a visit was again in order this time along with Bob Fincken of SSI. The company has been around for over 40 years during which time they have always offered basic ovens but it would appear that as time progresses Pyradia is getting more and more involved with higher temperature furnaces largely for the aerospace and aluminum industries although they have also built carburizing systems in conjunction with their Swiss partner Codere (whose banner ad can be found on this  page). A visit this week showed several systems all capable of over 2,000 F and all going to aerospace customers (unfortunately we just missed seeing a couple of big “carbottoms” which just shipped). We went through our notes about the company and came across this press release from 2016 which mentions the promotions of Carl Martel and David Ross who can be seen in these photos.

February 2016 Press Release; More than 40 years after creating and building-up Pyradia, co-founders Michel Hémond and Mario Bouthillier, respectively President and Vice-President of the board, are proud to announce the following nominations. Cumulating over 20 years of experience at Pyradia with 10 years as R&D and Engineering Director, Mathieu Laguë becomes Managing director. With 12 years of experience working for Pyradia, Carl Martel, previously Web Converting Product Manager, takes responsibility for sales management. David Ross, previously Industrial Ovens Technical Leader, has also been with Pyradia for over 12 years and is promoted R&D and Engineering manager. Geneviève Bousquet, Administration manager et Claude Beauchemin, Production manager, already in place, complete the management team. Pyradia’s mission remain the same and the new management team will continue operating with the same objectives in mind. Pyradia is a manufacturer of heat treating, web converting and dust collection industrial equipment.

David Ross, Bob Fincken, Carl Martel

David Ross, Engineering Manager, Pyradia, Carl Martel, Sales Manager, Pyradia, Bob Fincken, Sales Manager, SSI