Item # VF392 2 Bar Quenching 24” W X 24” H X 36” L Vacuum Furnace

Manufactured by Protech Thermal Services, Inc., in 2011 this is a model PT-242436 Horizontal Vacuum Furnace with 2 bar quenching. This furnace was in operation from 2012-2019 at an aerospace facility. Disconnected in 2019 and in storage since then. Excellent condition.

  • Hot Zone: Graphite Insulation, Graphite Curved Heating Elements, Graphite and Molybdenum Hearth Assembly.
  • Includes: Varian HS-16 Diffusion Pump; Stokes 412/615 Vacuum Pumps; Oil Purification System; G-M Model# ML-1000 Manual Loader; 200-Gallon Gas Accumulator Tank; Dry Coolers, Inc. Water Cooling System, Manuals
  • Heating Power Input: 135 KVA, Single-Zone VRT, 3 Phase
  • Cooling System: Dry Coolers, Inc. 2,000 CFM (30 HP) Gas Recirculating Blower with 1MM BTU/hr Main Heat Exchanger, Water Tank, and Cooling Fans.
  • Electric: 480V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz
  • Max Load: 1,000 lbs @ 2250F
  • Instrumentation: Super Systems, Inc. Computer Controller System, Allen Bradley SLC-500 PLC, Allen Bradley Series 3 HL Controller, Televac MM-200 Vacuum Gauge Instrument, (1) Cold Cathode Gauge, (2) T/C Gauges
  • Thermocouples: Type “S” Hi Limit and Type ”N” Load T/C’s
  • Footprint: 16’ wide x 15’ tall x 12’ deep
  • Spare Parts: Some spare hot zone CFC shielding

    Asking Price $239,000 USD