Item # VF383 Unused 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace with New Cooling System

Manufactured by IVI Corporation of MA, USA this is a Model Series 3000 Model 303648-1350 built in 2003.

  • Work Zone: 36″W x 48″L x 30″H (maximum 42″W x 60″L x 34″H)
  • Maximum Temperature: 2460F (1350C)
  • Hot Zone: 2″ Graphite with graphite elements
  • Diffusion Pump: 20″
  • Roughing Pump: Included
  • Vacuum Booster: Included
  • Quench: 2 Bar, Argon or Nitrogen, 100 HP quench motor
  • Expansion Tank: 4′ OD x 6′-6″L S/S backfill pressure vessel
  • Approx. Footprint: 158″L x 153″W x 124″H
  • Electrical: 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 400 Amp,
  • Heating power supply: 210 KVAControls: IVI 8100-7000-2102 Master Processor Control System with Monitor, Temperature Controller, Hi-Limit Controller

Condition: This furnace was purchased new by the US government and tested but was not put into service. Has been in storage since testing.

Asking Price $98,000 USD