Item # VF380 CI Hayes Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace (Mexico)

Model VSQD, Serial #15570. This is an electrically heated CI Hayes Vacuum oil quench furnace built in 1977 with a work zone of 18” X 24” Deep X 9” high. Maximum operating temperature of 2400F. 480 Voltage, 3 phase, 76 KW. 

Furnace Description; The front door is operated by a hydraulic cylinder and swings upward to provide access to the interior. Quench section is located directly in front of the heat chamber with a hydraulically operated door separating the chambers. Hot zone is lined with graphite felt backed up with ceramic fiber blanket. Six graphite rod elements are mounted horizontally across the chamber, 3 over and 3 under the work area. Hearth rails support the work load. Hydraulic cylinder transfers the load between the chambers. Hydraulic pumping system lowers and raises the work load into the tank. Stokes Model 212-11 vacuum pump.

Controls are mounted and wired in a separate enclosure with a Honeywell DCP 700. 1 Televac MC300. Control switches with indicating lights for all functions of the furnace and quench including temperature, vacuum, nitrogen backfill, gas fan and oil agitator are flush mounted in the enclosure. Power supply transformers are mounted on the furnace frame under the work zone. Complete and in working condition.

Asking Price $65,000 USD