Item # VF378 ECM Flex 600 TG

Flex 600 TG – from 2 to 8 cells, top-down 20 bar nitrogen gas quench; optional oil quench Suggested Applications: Vacuum Carburizing, Annealing, Sintering, Brazing and Hardening

Originally built in 2004, this ECM Flex 600 TG was completely renewed in 2017 with new hot zones.The quench has exceeded its fatigue cycle value but can be re-certified using local codes. Capable of fast cooling at 22psi and carburizing 3300 lbs (1500 kg) of green material and fixtures to .020” (0.5mm) every hour. This equipment is sized to 1050°C (can be updated to 1200°C) with acetylene gas carburizing and variable flow. Workloads are 40”l x 24” w x 26” h (1000mm x 600mm x 660mm) and up to 1100 lbs (500 kg) each; with option to upgrade to 1655 lbs (750kg).

• Tunnel + Internal loader + Main cabinet
• 2 pumping groups + Vacuum pipes
• 6 Heating Cells + Heating Cell gas panels + Heating Cell cabinets
• Load/Unload Cell + Walking beam
• Main Gas panel
• 2 Loading/Unloading Cells pumps + Vacuum pipes to Loading/Unloading Cells
• Cooling Cell and Platform + filling pipes + cabinet
• Maintenance frames