Item # VF376 VFS 2 Bar Quenching Vacuum Furnace Working Dimensions 24” X 24” X 36”

Manufactured in 2007 by Ipsen Souderton this is a VFS Model VF2667 HEQ-3836-2. Working dimensions of 24” Wide x 24” High x 36” Long. Weight capacity 1,000 Pounds. Operating temperature 400F to 2400F. Roughing Pump Stokes Model 212. 150 CFM, 7 1/2 Hp Motor Vacuum Booster Stokes Model 615. 7 1/2 Hp Motor  Diffusion Pump Varian 16”. Surge Tank. 2 Bar Quenching (either nitrogen or Argon) with a 125 hp motor. Controls updated by Ipsen. Hot zone is brand new, graphite board and graphite elements-pristine condition. 460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60HZ. Heater power supply load 170 amps. Gas Blower load 124 amps. Maximum combined full load 214 amps. Set up for Nitrogen, Argon and Hydrogen. Programmer/Controller CompuVac. MC300 Programmable Logic Controller Allen Bradley SLC 500 Control & Overtemp Thermocouples. Originally purchased by an aerospace facility. Currently installed. Very good condition.

Asking $275,000 USD