Item # VF374 Ipsen Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace 60” X 48”

Manufactured by Ipsen this is a bottom loading vacuum furnace, Model; VVFC (BL) 60 X 48 (24)-R. Working dimensions of 60” diameter X 48” high. Built late 1970’s rebuilt by Vesco in 1999. Hot zone; graphite FOS board over ceramic fiber, in decent shape. 2014 top rebuilt. Pumps, Vessel, Panel, Cooling Tower, and Tanks all included. Also included are (5) 55” graphite plates and (2) 55” grids. Hearth: Ceramic tubes on graphite beams on graphite posts. Pumps: Varian HS-20 Diffusion Pump, Stokes mechanical pump and large blower. Elements: Moly, need to replace 3 or 4 soon. Cooling fan in top of hot zone. Controls: Honeywell temp and hi limit, Televac vacuum instrument, Honeywell chart recorder. Also included Dry Coolers 4 Fan Aquavent Air Cooling system.

Furnace is currently installed and in operation. Passed TUS recently. Drawing included. Good condition.

Asking $275,000 USD.