Item # VF371 Ipsen Vertical Loading Vacuum Furnace (Located in the UK)

Ipsen Model VVFC 60 X 60 vertical loading vacuum furnace. General Description; “Vacuum Heat Treatment & Brazing Furnace”.  Working dimensions of 1520 mm X 1520 mm diameter. Maximum load 1800 kg. Floor space required 6.6 m X 8 m high X 8.5 m deep. Maximum operating temperature of 1300 C, +- 5C. 380 Kw.

Ultimate Vacuum 1.0 X 10-5 mbar

Operating vacuum 1.0 X 10-4 mbar

Partial pressure Nitrogen/Argon 0.1 X 10 mbar

Leybold Mechanical pump Model SV630 with Leybold Booster pump and Balzers Diffusion Pump. Nitrogen quenching gas maximum pressure 1 bar abs. Ipsen Vacuprof V 4.0 control system.

Graphite Hot Zone with graphite insulation and graphite heating elements. Hot zone is in excellent condition and was relined in 2014.

Furnace is in excellent condition and currently in production at a captive heat treat in Europe until March 30th 2020. Vendor can provide start up and installation assistance if required. Please contact us for a quotation.

Asking Price 195,000 Euro