Item # VF405 Vacuum Oil Quench Carburizing Furnace

Manufactured by Abar Ipsen in 1989 this is a Vacuum Oil Quench Carburizing furnace. Abar Ipsen Model; Carburizer LOG-3436C-GLO. Working dimensions of 26” wide X 36” deep X 26” high. Operating temperature of 1700F. Uniformity of +-10F at 1675F. Power supply 126KVA. Utility requirements; Electrical: 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 500 Amp circuit breaker. Graphite heating elements. Cylindrical graphite hot zone. Stokes 412-014 roughing pump, vacuum booster. Single SCR with three rheostats, Hunterdon VRT’s.

Controls: Beckhoff 15” Touchscreen and Computer with fully-interactive HMI and full recipe control; Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC with an L32E processor; Honeywell Temperature Controller and Over-temperature Controller; Yokogawa CX1000 digital chart recorder.

Footprint: Furnace 18’W x 18’L x 15’H above floor. Pit 9’W x 17’L x 28”D. Controls 3’W x 11’L. Installed and connected to power.

Asking Price: $130,000 USD