Item # IQ463 Ipsen T-7 Batch IQ Furnace

Ipsen Model:  T7-1000-DGM Batch IQ Furnace. Serial #52044. Type:  Straight Through Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace
Processes:  Carburizing, Neutral Hardening and Carbonitriding
Heat Input:  Natural Gas-Fired (12 Silicon Carbide Radiant Tubes)
Work Zone:  30”W x 48”D x 20”H
Max. Temp:  1850°F (Typically operated at 1750°F)
Max. Load Wt.:  1350 lb at 1550F
Quenchant Heating and Cooling:  Yes (SBS Oil Cooler)
Loading/Unloading:  Ipsen “T7 Trans. Loader” powered Front-end Loader and Roller Unload Table
Pit Required:    None
Carbon Control:  SSI Gold Probe
Controls:  Super Systems, Inc. 9120 touch screen, with SSI Series 7 & 7SL controllers, Digital data logging (currently tied into plant-wide SSI Super Data system)
Insulation Type:  Brick-lined
Condition:  Refurbished by Unitherm, Converted to Eclipse Recuperative Burners (still under warranty)
Included:  Any available spare parts, Ammonia Tank.
Footprint:  8’-6” Wide x 27’ Long x ~14-1/2’ High
Alloy:  Grids and baskets may be available

Asking Price $59,000 USD