Item#VF342 Ipsen Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace (Located In Asia)

Ipsen Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace 48” X 54”. Completely Re-Manufactured IPSEN 48″ Dia x 54” High Vertical Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnace for your Heat Treating and Brazing requirements. This furnace complies and meets the SAE Aerospace Material Specification AMS2750 Latest Revision E (AMS2750E) and NADCAP. Operating temperature from 800°F (427°C) to 2400°F (1315°C). Temperature uniformity ±10°F (±6°C) between 1004°F (540°C) to 2400°F (1315°C). Equivalent to Class 2 Furnace in AMS2750E standards. Circular one-piece gas plenum/hot zone support structure provides strong, uniformly expanding support for elements Work Zone Dimensions are 48” (1219 mm) Diameter x 54” (1372 mm) High. Hot Zone Insulation is composed of the following layers:

Hot Face
First Layer
Second Layer
– 0.060” Thick Graphite Foil with CFC Sheet at ends
– 1.00” Thick High Purity Graphite Felt
– 1.00” Thick High Purity Graphite Felt

Hearth gross load weight capacity of 3000 lbs (1361 kilograms) at 2400°F (1316°C). Ultimate Vacuum (nominal) 10-5 Torr Range. Re-manufactured Stokes 412H-11, 300 C.F.M. (8,500 litres per minute) mechanical roughing pump. Re-manufactured Stokes 900-615, 2,000 C.F.M. (56,600 litres per minute) as blower pump. Re-manufactured Varian NHS-35” Diffusion pump, pumping speed 50,000 litres per second. Comes with Safety Guard against hot body surfaces. New Leybold Trivac 8B, 5.7 C.F.M.(161 litres per minute) Rotary Vane Vacuum pump as holding pump. New Oil Mist Filter System for pumping system exhaust. One (1) Re-manufactured External 4400 CFM 50HP Spencer Turbine Co. Gas Fan Cooling Motor and heat exchanger system. One (1) Re-manufactured step-up transformer for Gas Fan Motor. One (1) Backfill Reservoir Gas Tank @ 120 p.s.i.g of 5,000 litres capacity. Argon Quenching To Maximum 2 Bar. Consider this basically a new furnace with a 12 month warrantee. Asking $525,000 USD with start up and training included. Half the price of new.

Hot Zone can be upgraded to an All-Metal Moly Hot Zone for this vacuum furnace for the same price