Item#VF317 Seco Warwick Twin Vacuum & Sintering Furnaces

Twin High Temperature Vacuum HT & Sintering Furnaces. Two each Seco/Warwick Model V40-35/48 Vacuum Furnaces, 1500C (2732 F) Max. operating temperature, 1600C (2912F) burn-out temperature, Work Zones: 600mm x 650mm x 1200mm (23.6” x 25.6” x 47.2”), Design uniformity +/- 10C, but with elements on all 6 sides we would expect much better uniformity, One furnace hot zone is in excellent condition and the other is nearing time for replacement, All-Metal Hot Zones (Layers: 1 Tungsten, 7 Moly, 1 Stainless Steel), Low voltage Tungsten Heating Elements, Moly hearth, Load Rating: 2850 lb. (1300 Kg), Power: 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 390 kW SCR Heating Input with 3-zone control, 420 kVA total power, Stainless steel chamber, water jacket and hot zone plenum, Controls are CompactLogix PLC with computer, touch screen and SCADA software, Leybold TTR91 pirani vacuum sensor, Edwards (Stokes) 212J mechanical pump with Edwards 607 booster pump, Gases set up for Argon cooling and hydrogen purge, Hydrogen mass flow controller, Gas quench pressure rating is 1.05 Bar absolute. Mezzanine-mounted power supplies for minimal floor space requirement. Both furnaces (2), factory loader and existing spare parts are included at this price. Disassembly and Loading: Buyer’s responsibility. Built in 2010 these furnaces were only used for 1 year. Excellent condition!

Asking Price $275,000 USD for Both