Item#VF315 AVS Vacuum Furnace (Rebuilt)

Manufactured by Advanced Vacuum Systems (AVS) this furnace has a Model Number HMF-24-24-48-1100, S/N 4-1284-0490. Built approximately 1990. Chamber: Cylindrical, Horizontal, Stainless Steel with front & rear access doors. Hot Zone: New in 2015, All-metal, shielded (Moly and Stainless Steel), Moly Hearth, Moly Elements. Hot Zone rated for 2400F. Vacuum System: Currently 10-9 Torr, Cyrogenic and Turbomolecular Dry Pumps. Pumps: CTi Cryogenics 10” Cryo Ultra High Vacuum Pump; MAGintegra 10” High Vacuum Turbomolecular Pump (New in 2015); Pfeifer Balzers Duo 120 2-stage Rotary Vane Roughing Pump; Agilent Technologies SH-110 Dry Scroll Holding Pump for Cryo.  Power: 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 300 Amp, 250 KVA Heating, Hunterdon VRT with Halmar Power Control.  Floorspace Requirement: Approx. 15’ x 15’ x 11’H.  Work Zone: 24”W x 48”D x 24”H.  Max. Load Rating: > 1500 lb.  Controls: ProVac computer based control system. New in 2015.  Gas Cooling: External VFD Drive Blower and Heat Exchanger, 1 Atmosphere Pressure.  Loader: Included.  Cooling Water: 90 GPM @ 25-40 PSIG (40 Max.), Open Drain.  Air: 1 cu. ft./hr @ 80-100 PSIG.  Inert Gas: 35 cu. ft./Load @ 6-8 PSIG.  Other: Includes 24” x 48” 2-Tier Molybdenum Grid Fixture, Has blanked off 20” port for easy change to diffusion pumping, if desired. Both front and rear doors have ports for adding end heating elements, if desired. Rear door also has a port for a circulation fan, if desired.

Asking Price $195,000 USD