Item#VF282 AVS Vacuum Debinding/Sintering Furnace

This is a horizontal graphite vacuum debinding sintering furnace for steel MIM parts completely rebuilt from top to bottom by AVS in 2010. Working volume – approximately 18 cubic feet, 28” wide x 26” high x 42” long graphite retort, 1500# capacity. Temperature – rated for continuous operation at 1400°C ±10°C in vacuum, 1450°C burn-out. 50µ ultimate vacuum; leak rate <10µ / hour, CEDORT (Clean, Empty, Dry, Outgassed, Room Temperature). De-bind system – nitrogen or argon sweep gas, 0 – 100 torr differential pressure controlled by PLC and automatic I-to-P modulating vacuum valve, binder trap, condenser assembly; options available for hydrogen gas and burn-off. De-bind lines heated to keep vapor from condensing in vacuum lines. Fast cooling with circulation fan and automatic gas re-circulation ports. Control system – AVS ACE™ control/data acquisition system. Estimated cold-to-cold cycle time of 16 to 20 hours with AVS “Fast Cool” option. Horizontal jacketed chamber – 60” dia. x 80” long, nominal dimensions, flanged, on legs. SA-516-70 mild steel construction on water jackets and door + body flanges. Stainless Steel inner jacket & dished head plus all power ports Front-loading chamber with 2 doors – both doors on adjustable hinges, with buna o-rings, manual clamps, for operation from 50 millitorr vacuum to 3 psig positive pressure; rear door opens for service. Ports – rough line on side of chamber, delube line from bottom, fan housing flange on rear door Additional PORTS added to the system to accommodate future system modifications for processing ‘sinter-hard’ P/M materials – a total of up to 7 additional ports ranging from 18” in diameter down to 1” in diameter will be added. Further details available upon request. Currently installed and in excellent condition.

Asking Price $99,000 USD