Item # T389 Gas Fired Draw Oven,  Working Dimensions 4’0″ wide x 3’0″ high x 4’0″ long

Manufactured by Wisconsin Oven this is a (Direct) Fired Standard Draw Batch Series Oven, Model SDB-868-12G. Temperature Rating: Maximum 1,259F Minimum 350F above ambient. Work Zone Dimensions: 4’0″ wide x 3’0″ high x 4’0″ long. Overall (approx.): 8’6″ wide x 12’6″ high (to top of door mast) x 6’6″ long.

Recirculating Fan; 7,000 CFM @ 10 HP; motor complies with NEMA Premium Efficiency Standards; plug-mounted blower with V-belt drive & durable guards; roof mounted to save valuable floor space; combination air flow through the work chamber, with the majority of air supplied under the work, to flow vertically upward past and through the product; airflow safety switch (proof-of-operation).

Controls and Instruments: Located in a NEMA 12 enclosure mounted on the right side of the oven with the instruments and controls mounted on the control cabinet door, including the following major components:

  • digital Eurotherm 3204 temperature controller; fast acting advanced auto-tune function (auto-tune function not only works with PID parameters but it also features special cutback settings to help eliminate overshoot; 0.25% PV accuracy
  • digital oven high limit instrument, FM approved, with manual reset
  • IEC style motor starters, push buttons and pilot lights (to indicate status), fused branch circuits, 110 volt control transformer and blower interlocks
  • Honeywell Model 7800 flame relay with integral purge timer
  • Main power disconnect switch with interlock to help prevent unauthorized personnel from opening control panel door when the disconnect switch is “ON”

New in 2016. Excellent condition! New over $60,000 USD.

Asking Price $33,000 USD