Item#T381 Cabinet Oven (2 Available)

Manufacturer: Blue M
Category: Cabinet
Type: Cabinet Oven
Heated: Electric
Model Number: DC-606-G-MP550
Serial Number: DC-9172
Max. Temperature: 600°F
Voltage: 480/3/60/24 kW/34 F.L.A.
Work Area: 36″W x 60″H x 48″L
External Dimensions: 80″W x 93″H x 63″L
Controls: Controls are located in a small enclosure attached to the right hand side. Yokogawa Pro 550 digital programmable temperature controller and a Partlow high limit along with high limit contactor, motor starter, solid state power relays, fuses relays etc. are mounted inside the enclosure. Fused disconnect is mounted on the back side of the electrical enclosure.
Description: This oven has a single swing door with silicon rubber gasket and cam action closure that latches in three places for a good seal. The interior of the oven is constructed of stainless steel. The heating elements and direct driven circulating fan are in a separate compartment above the work area. The heated air is circulated horizontally across the work area through perforated panels on each side. There are nine (9) shelf brackets, three (3) shelves are included. Shelve brackets are on 6″ centers. A manual is included with this oven.
Condition: Excellent – Tested
Availability: Immediate

Asking Price $14,500 USD