Item # IQ475 Complete Heat Treat Department Including 3 Surface Combustion 36″ X 72″ X 36″ Batch IQ Furnaces

We have available a complete heat treat department consisting of the following;

Surface Combustion 36″ X 72″ X 36″ Allcase furnaces (3), all identical

Commissioned in 1995. Gas fired with 4 rear mounted U-Tubes, Eclipse burners. Set up for Endothermic atmosphere with Waukee manual flowmeters, heated quench oil (electrically heated), no top cools, 2 water cooled fans. Stand alone controls panels with SSi 9205 controllers and 15″ touchscreen, no PLC-relay logic.  SSI redundant probe system.  Brickwork redone in 2017 and line has not been used since. Spare radiant tubes, rails/guides and rollers.  Electrical and department layout prints available.  Full evaluation report of furnaces’ repair needs is available. Asking $180,000 USD Each.

Surface Combustion 36″ X 72″ X 36″ Tempers (4)

We have available 4 Surface Combustion Tempers with working dimensions of 36″ X 72″ X 36″. Built in 1995. Super Systems Inc. 9130 controllers with 6″ touch screens. Gas fired, front mounted Eclipse Thermjet burner.  Air operated doors, rear squirrel cage fans.  1450F max temperature,  +-25F uniformity. Units are installed but not in use. Complete. Asking Price $45,000 USD Each.

Surface Combustion UniDraw Temper Furnace. Asking $25,000 USD.

Surface Combustion Charge Car. Asking $25,000 USD.

Vendor will sell items individually or the entire line is available for $670,000 USD.