Item # IQ474 Complete Ipsen Batch IQ Heat Treat Department (LOCATED IN SPAIN)

We have available a complete batch IQ department which is complete and in operation in Spain. All equipment has working dimensions of 450mm X 610mm X 910mm (18″ X 24″ x 36″). The department consists of the following equipment all of which is electrically heated. Full technical details and more photos available upon request. Asking price 130.000€.

1 Sealed quench furnace, model IPSEN TQFR-4(5) GRM. Built in 2000
1 Sealed quench furnace manufactured by EROS, model EROS TQFR-4(5) GRM.
Built in 1995. Needs a new control cabinet.
1 Temper furnace, model IPSEN D-4-G. Built in 2000
1 Temper furnace, model IPSEN D-7-G. Built 1992.
1 Parts washer built by Ipsen. Model Varioclean IPSEN W-VCA-4-G. Built 2000.
1 Ipsen Loader built in 2000.
1 Ipsen type CP Carb-o-Prof CP control system new in 2000. 
1 Sand Blasting system built in 2000 by ALIU.