Item # IQ473 Complete Sealed Quench Heat Treat Facility Available (ITALY)

Built in 2008 by Cieffe we have available a complete heat treating facility consisting of the following;

  • 2 sealed quench (straight through design)  910 X 1220 X 910mm, 1000 Kg, gas heated
  • 5 tempers 750°C gas heated
  • 2 washers double tank
  • Automatic loading/unloading with 2 loaders and 20 double level loading stations
  • Oil tank with cooling system
  • Demig controllers and full Scada system from Demig (prosys)
  • 2 Endothermic Generators
  • Some baskets and trays
  • All manuals and drawings

Each piece of equipment has its own control panel and can operate independently. Master PC handles all automation and monitoring. Complete details available upon request, too many items to list. Equipment is currently installed, complete and in excellent condition. Not in use at the present time. 

Asking Price 750.000 Euro