Item # I183 Pillar Single Spindle Induction Scanning System

Manufactured by Pillar Induction this is a Model; AB7102-107/MK 11, Serial Number 3815. Voltage; 480V/3/60/266 Amps/222 KVA. Power supply; 200 kW, 3 kHz with a 24″ Scanner. System is skid mounted with a footprint of 8’W x 10’H x 12’L. Controls; Mounted and wired inside an enclosure with fused disconnect includes an Allen Bradley SLC5/04 with touchscreen interface. This system includes a Pillar MK 11 200 kW, 3 kHz power supply, stainless steel DI water system w/plate & frame heat exchanger, 24″ scanner attached to heat station and stainless steel electrically heated quench tank. Very good condition.

Asking Price $75,000 USD