Item # I181 Pillar Induction Heat Treat System 50 kW, 50 kHz

This is an automatic Lift and Rotate Machine with a single lift position and TWO heat stations allowing for heating in two different locations in one machine cycle. The two heat stations are controlled by a transfer switch that transfers power from one position to a second position. This is a manual load/unload automatic cycle machine with Allen Bradley controls and Panelview 1000 operator interface. It has an automatic door close/open and light curtain for operator safety. Power Supply is a Pillar MK11 50 kW, 50 kHz IGBT Type. Entire unit is mounted on a common base for easy transport and re-installation. Other details include: 

Rotational Drive Speed (Variable): 0- 200 RPM
Integral Quench Reservoir: 100 Gallon
Dimensions (Induction Heater) (L x W x H): 155″ x 120″ x 115″
Weight Estimate: 20,000 Lbs.

Asking Price $49,500 USD