Item # I174 Ajax Tocco 1200 kW Induction Power Supply & Heat Station

Manufactured by Ajax/Tocco in August 2005. 480V three phase input is rated to be 1.2MW (1200KW). 660V three phase input is rated to be 2.2MW (2200KW). Unit requires three phase input of 480V, 2500A. System is deigned to work at 2.5 kHz in frequency. Requires 65 GPM of cooling. Buyer must have a dedicated transformer at the three phase input for this machine. Buyer must provide their own coils, bus, and water-cooled cables to attach power supply to heat station and heat station to coils. Note: Currently set up to work at 480V input voltage. In order to switch to 660V, buyer needs to change the input breaker. Working condition when taken out of service sold as is.

Asking Price $85,000 USD