Item # G201 1200 CFH Endothermic Generator

Manufacturer: Atmosphere Engineering Controls
Type: Endothermic Generator
Model: MicroGen with EndoInjector and ReactionCore Technology
Year: 2014
Capacity: 1200 CFH Output
Retorts: 4 each
Required Gas Supply: 350 CFH of Natural Gas @ 1 PSIG
Maximum Gas Supply Pressure Limit: 10 psig maximum
Electrical Power: 440VAC/50Hz, 50A
Maximum Capability: 1200 CFH of Endothermic Gas @ 20”wcg
Minimum Gas Production: 240 CFH of Endothermic Gas
Elements: 2 sets (spare set included)
Used through March 2020. Owner needed more CFH for growth, unit is now surplus. Includes shipping in continental US (or credit $2,000 toward shipping outside US)

Asking Price: $15,000