Item # C411 Roller Hearth Gear Hardening Line With Fixture Quenching

Manufactured by Wienstroth of Germany this is a complete gas fired, roller hearth hardening line with oil quenching and Fixture quenching designed for hardening of gears. Automated Loading/Unloading systems with pre and post wash cleaning systems. Built in 2020 this line is in “like new” condition, located in North America and is currently installed but not in production;
  • Wienstroth Model A-1902, Drawings 90 X 30 (HTF)
  • Gas Heated
  • Electrical; 460 3L/PE, 60 Hz
  • Oil Quenching including filtration system
  • 1200 pound per hour capacity (540Kg)
  • High heat furnace is capable of 1600F, 4 zones of control, Nitrogen/Methanol with propane addition.
  • Redundant probe control system
This line is complete, in “like new” condition and ready for production. A complete specification package along with drawings, manuals and further pictures is available upon request. Available immediately. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for complete details.