Item # C368 Mesh Belt Brazing Line Located in Italy

Manufactured by SCAME Forni Industriali SPA of Italy this is a model INOX Line 50-20-260-AI. Designed for brazing stainless steel components under hydrogen and nitrogen atmosphere. It was completely rebuilt in 2020 and is in line new condition. It is complete and consists of the following;

–       Parts loading zone in the entry side of the furnace with conveyor belt driving group
–       Controlled atmosphere collection hood with post combustion electric system
–       Heating zone with spiral heating elements supported by ceramic tubes above and below the muffle
–       Cooling zone with water-jacket recirculation system
–       Controlled atmosphere exit collection hood
–       Unloading zone with conveyor belt idler roller
–       Refractory stainless steel mesh conveyor belt
–       Switchboard with command and control computer
–       Gas mixing board for furnace operation

Technical details:

–       Total length = 19,5 m
–       Usable heating zone = 2.600 mm
–       Conveyor belt width = 500 mm
–       Usable height = 200 mm
–       Hourly production = 100 Kg/h nominal
–       Installed power = 74 kW
–       Hydrogen consumption = up to 30 nm3/h
–       Nitrogen consumption = up to 28 nm3/h and up to 5 nm3/h on the barriers
–       Maximum furnace temperature = 1.120°C
–       CE marking

Furnace currently located in Italy. Price = € 200.000,00 excluded transportation and installation