Item # C367 Cast Link Belt Line For Fasteners

Built in 2004 by SIB Furnaces of Italy this is a 350kg per hour cast link belt line. Furnace was in operation until the end of 2019 when it was shut down. Line consists of;

  • Automatic feeder

  • Pre-wash system
  • Hardening furnace with cast link belt, 600 mm wide. Gas heated
  • Oil quenching tank
  • Post washing machine
  • Mesh belt temper furnace
  • Static temper furnace
  • Endo gas generator and methanol pump available

Furnace was complete and in good condition when it was shut down. Overall in good condition but will require some maintenance. More pictures and documentation available upon request. Furnace can be powered up but gas is not available.

Asking Price 121.000 euros