Item # C364 Atmosphere Belt Furnace

  • Manufacturer: BTU International
  • Category: Belt
  • FurnaceType: Atmosphere Belt Furnace
  • Heated: Electric
  • Model Number: TCA123-8-192E138
  • Serial Number: HTMN-6Max.
  • Temperature: 1150°C/2102°F
  • Voltage: 208/3/60/197 Amps/68 kVA
  • Work Area: 12″W x 3″H x 16’L heat x 12’L cool
  • External Dimensions: 5’W x 7’H x 43’L
  • Controls: Complete with PC control system with HMI touchscreen.
  • Description: Variable speed wire mesh belt conveys the product through the furnace. An alloy muffle extends the entire length of the heated section followed by a free cool section then a water jacketed controlled cooling zone. Product enters into a Nitrogen and Hydrogen atmosphere curtain box then into the heated section of the furnace, 8 zones of heating. Each zone has heating elements located on both sides of the muffle for good uniform heat transfer. After the heated section, the product enters the free cool zone then the water jacketed zone follow by the exit Nitrogen curtain box. Furnace has 24″ long entry and exit table.

Asking Price $32,500 USD