Item # C363 C.I. Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace

C.I. Hayes Model MY040860-60PH (Serial Number 16829). High temp. furnace

All steel shell construction with all brick insulation.

Pre Heat: 60″ heated section with NiChrome elements, 21 KW, Rated 1100°C, 3 zone proportional control, Honeywell UDC-3000 instruments, Type K TC’s.

High Heat: 60″ heated section with moly elements, 45KW, rated 1500°C, 3 zone proportional control, Honeywell 3000 instruments, type S TC’s.

Overtemp Protection: One Honeywell UDC-3000 instrument in Preheat, and one in high heat, including contactors and tc’s for each area.

Cooling Sections: One 36″ long insulated and two 36″ water jacketed.

Pusher Drive: Designed for 8″ x 8″ x 1″ pusher plates, two speed

Atmosphere: Piped for dissociated ammonia and nitrogen gas, with nitrogen purge.

Loading and unloading conveyor: Continuous belt conveyor system to load trays in front of the pusher and remove trays from the exit end.

All components interconnected and mounted on a single steel skid.

Overall Dimensions: 70″ high x 86″ wide x 395″ long

Note: Recently replaced the PLC and touch screen recorder.

An O2 sensor and dew point monitor is installed on the furnace.

New high heat moly heating elements will be installed prior to delivery.

The furnace insulation was replaced two years ago and has seen very little service since.

The furnace comes with 100+ pusher plates and stacking trays.

Furnace can be ready for removal in 4-5 weeks.

Asking Price: $65,000 USD