Item # C363 C.I. Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace

Manufactured by C.I. Hayes this is a high temperature pusher furnace Model MY040860-60PH. All steel shell construction with all brick insulation. Pre Heat:  60″ heated section with NiChrome elements, 21 KW, Rated 1100°C, 3 zone proportional control, Honeywell UDC-3000 instruments, Type K  TC’s.

High Heat:  60″ heated section with moly elements, 45KW, rated 1500°C, 3 zone proportional control, Honeywell 3000 instruments, type S  TC’s.

Overtemp Protection:  One Honeywell UDC-3000 instrument in Preheat, and one in high heat, including contactors and tc’s for each area.

Cooling Sections:  One 36″ long insulated and two 36″ water jacketed.

Pusher Drive:  Designed for 8″ x 8″ x 7/8″ pusher plates, two speed

Atmosphere:  Piped for dissociated ammonia and nitrogen gas, with nitrogen purge. Loading and unloading conveyor:  Continuous belt conveyor system to load trays in front of the pusher and remove trays from the exit end. All components interconnected and mounted on a single steel skid. Overall Dimensions:  70″ high x 86″ wide x 395″ long. Very good condition.

Asking $65,000 USD or best offer