Item # C362 Rotary Hearth Furnace, Work Area 18″W x 9″H Opening x 50″ Diameter Hearth

Manufactured by Lindberg this is a Rotary Hearth Furnace Model HD-18509-AR. Serial number 77889, Reference #70194. Electrically heated, maximum operating temperature 1600F. Voltage 240/3/60/72 kW. Work Area: 18″W x 9″H Opening x 50″ diameter hearth. External Dimensions: 8′ diameter x 10’H.

Controls: Mounted and wired in a separate free standing panel with fused disconnect includes an SSi Series 7 digital temperature controller, SS1 75L Limitrol digital high limit and SSi AC20 digital carbon controller with SSi carbon probe. There is also a Minarik digital speed control with display for hearth speed and an ATC analog timer for indexing time. Mounted in a separated enclosure includes a “Spang” SCR power controller for the heating elements. High limit contactor, motor starter, push buttons, signal lights etc. mounted in the same enclosure.

Description: Standard Lindberg atmosphere rotary hearth furnace with vertical lift air operated door and alloy hearth plates. Furnace door is operated with a dual palm type push button station. Furnace is fiber lined and has rod overbend type heating elements located on the roof, below the hearth and the entire circumference. A cast alloy roof mounted fan for circulation. This furnace includes an atmosphere flow panel which includes flow meters for air, natural gas and endo. Furnace door has a flame curtain with Honeywell flame safety and spark ignition as well as a burn-off with Honeywell flame safety and spark ignition. Also included is the electrical prints and component manuals. Very good condition.

Asking $29,500 USD