Item # C360 AFC 2,0000 Pound/Hour Mesh Belt Furnace Line

Manufactured by Atmosphere Furnace Company this is a complete, gas fired 2,000 pound per hour mesh belt furnace line. Line is configured in a “U” configuration and consists of a loading station (not set up for automatic loading), high heat furnace, quench oil tank, post heating rotary drum style immersion washer, and gas fired temper. Currently capable of carbonitriding, carburizing and neutral hardening. Surveyed at +-12ºF @1,545ºF in 2019.

High heat furnace has 4 zones of temperature control and 3 zones of atmosphere control using SSi “AC20” instruments.  Belt is 54″ wide with a heated length of 120″. Mesh belt temper is rated for 750F. Belt 60″ wide with a heated length of 53″. Line is currently installed but not in use, shut down December 2019. Set up for endothermic operation, requires 3,000 CFH of endo. Very good condition.

Asking Price $200,000 USD