Item # C360 AFC 2,0000 Pound/Hour Mesh Belt Furnace Line

Manufactured by Atmosphere Furnace Company this is a complete, gas fired 2,000 pound per hour mesh belt furnace line. Line is configured in a “U” configuration and consists of a loading station, high heat furnace, quench oil tank, rotary drum style immersion washer, and gas fired temper. High heat furnace has 4 zones of temperature control and 3 zones of atmosphere control using SSi “AC20” instruments.  Belt is 54″ wide with a heated length of 120″. Mesh belt temper is rated for 750F. Belt 60″ wide with a heated length of 53″. Line is currently installed but not in use. Set up for endothermic operation. Very good condition.

Asking Price $200,000 USD