Item#C354 MOCO Thermal Industries Conveyor Oven

Manufacturer: MOCO Thermal Industries

Category: Continuous Ovens

Type: Conveyor Oven

Heated: Natural Gas – 1 MBTU Eclipse Burner

Model Number: Conveyor Oven

Serial Number: 7147

Max. Temperature: 500°F

Voltage: 480/3/60

Work Area: 24″W x 18″H x 10’L

External Dimensions: 8’w x 12’h x 14′ long

Controls: Mounted and wired in a NEMA type electrical enclosure with fused disconnect. Enclosure is mounted on the left hand side closest to the charge end. Mounted to the front face of the enclosure includes a Honeywell UDC digital temperature controller and a Honeywell UDC digital high limit controller. Push buttons and signal lights for control power, exhaust fan, recirc. fan, combustion air blower, conveyor drive, purging/purge complete lights etc. There is a Altivar AC variable speed drive for conveyor speed. Protection Controls flame safety with spark ignition and flame rod.

Description: This oven has a flat wire conveyor belt with a 24″ long charge end and a 24″ long discharge end. Oven also has two (2) access doors, one (1) on each side of the oven. Top mounted combustion chamber with recirculating fan, Eclipse AH burner and powered exhauster.

Condition: Very Good

Asking Price $24,500 USD