Item # B482 Lift-Off Furnace With Crane, ArmilCFS

Manufactured by ArmilCFS in 2014 this is an unused lift off style furnace with crane.

– Furnace utilizes a fixed base with lift off bell furnace chamber

– The bell is lifted via 2 electric chain hoists

-The work chamber is 249” wide by 78” deep by 36” high

-The overall dimensions are approximately 325” wide X 196” deep X 273” high.

-Furnace accommodates 3 trays which have maximum area of 78”long by 76” wide each. The trays are set on 18-14” tall cast alloy piers (6 per tray).

-Gas fired. The combustion system has 3 zones of pulse fired control.

-Temperature uniformity 1000°F-1400°F, +/-9°F, 1401°F-1700°F, +/-15°F.

As stated this is basically a brand new furnace. All drawings and manuals included. Full details available upon request. New this would be $1 million USD.

Asking $275,000 USD