Item # B474 New Pyradia Inert Atmosphere Retort Furnace

Furnace Construction: Bottom Loading Retort Electric Furnace w/ Semi-Automatic Electro-Pneumatic. Loading Cart. Ceramic Fiber Insulation. RA330 Sealed Retort Construction. Primed & Painted 3/16” Steel Shell. Working Dimensions: ø36” x 30”H. Retort Inside Dimensions: ø44” x 36”H. Design Temp: 2000F. Working Temp: Up to 1800F. Uniformity: +/-25F @ 1800F. Heating Power: 180KW, Watlow SCR. Heat-Up Ramp: Ambient to 1800F in 120 min (loaded oven). Max Gross Load: 800lbs. Heating Element Type: Sandvik ROB Heating System w/ APM Heating elements. Furnace Atmosphere: Argon/H2 Mix (<4%). Voltage: 600/3/60. Amperage: 200 amps. Recirculation Fan: Plug Type, Radial, 3 HP, Water Cooled.  Cooling: External to retort, 5 HP blower with additional 1/2 HP forced air fan. Instrumentation: AMS2750E, Type B compatible. Gas Panel: Complete Ar/H2 gas panel with flowmeters, pressure regulators, manual & solenoid valves & flow switches, SSI O2 sensor, SSI Dew point sensor. Controls: NEMA 12 electrical enclosures, Micrologix PLC, Kep 7” Touchscreen HMI, Eurotherm Nanodac Temperature Controller, Eurotherm 3216 Limit Controller, Eurotherm 6100A, Digital Chart Recorder w/ Up to 12 Recording Inputs for Load TCs, Batching capability, Bar Code, Scanner, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), 1-Ton Air cooled Temptek TCU, CSA Approved. Extras: 2x Forced Air Cooled Tables, 2X Carbon Fiber Fixture Grids. NEW!

Asking Price $175,000 USD