Item#B470 METCO Pit Furnace

METCO Pit Furnace. The furnace has been retrofitted with new controls, combustion system, and refractory lining. There are four North American burners tangently fired around the retort. The retort is supported from the top of the furnace and has a removable cover with circulating fan. The retort cover is sealed by a gasket a series of swing bolts. The furnace is lined with fire brick on the floor, ceramic fiber modules on the wall, and fiber modules on the top plate. The flue is located in the floor and vents through a separate insulated chamber the length of the furnace to the top. Natural gas heated – 2,000,000 BTU/Hr. Max operating temperature of 1850°F with a voltage of 460/3/60. Working dimensions of 24″diameter x 48″deep with external dimensions of 8’dia. x 12’high.  Controls mounted in a free standing, fully enclosed panel are the following. 1 Honeywell UDC series digital controller for each of the two zones. 1 Honeywell UDC series digital high limit . 1 Honeywell Tru-Line circular chart recorder. A Honeywell flame safety relay for each of the burners is mounted to the sub panel. All the necessary starters, switches, relays, etc. are wired to a common terminal strip. The safety valves, pressure monitoring switches, and motorized zone control valves are directly mounted to the combustion plumbing. Each burner is spark ignited and monitored by a Honeywell ultra violet flame sensor.

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