Item#BOX464 Lindberg Box Furnace

Lindberg Box Furnace. Pneumatically operated vertical lift door with convenient foot pedal operator. The door slides up and down on the sloped front breast plate. A flame curtain is mounted directly under the door. A limit switch activates a solenoid to start the flame curtain to burn off any escaping atmosphere. The interior is refractory lined. Heavy gauge rod style heating elements are located on both side walls, and on the floor under the alloy hearth plate for excellent temperature uniformity. The alloy hearth pan has 2″ high sides to prevent product from falling off the pan. Flow meters attached to the side of the furnace regulate the flow of atmosphere into the furnace. There is an Endothermic gas flow meter and a Natural Gas flow meter. Electrically heated with a max temperature of 2000°F. Model # RO 122410-A and serial # 19229. Voltage is 480V/3/60/15 kW, 67V. Working dimensions of 12″W x 10″H x 24″L with external dimensions of 54″ wide x 64″ long x 85″ high. Controls are mounted and wired in a separate enclosure. There is a Leeds & Northrup digital temperature controller with display screen and a Leeds & Northrup model 2077 high limit safety. Control switches are flush mounted on the front of the panel. The panel has a Square D flange mounted fused disconnect switch. Honeywell flame safety relay, purge timer relays and control transformer are mounted inside the enclosure A second enclosure with circuit breaker disconnect switch houses the Halmar SCR power controller. A step down transformer is supplied to provide low voltage to the elements.

Asking Price $7,500 USD