Item # W433 Rosler Wire Belt Blast Cleaning Machine

Manufactured by Rosler Metal Finishing USA of Battle Creek, Michigan this is a wire mesh belt blast machine designed to clean soot, burned oil, and to de-burr parts. Model JMB24x10/4, Serial number DB000079. Manufactured in 2010. The JMB 24×10/4 Wire Mesh Belt Blast Machine is designed to clean soot, burned oil, and to de-burr parts. This machine is completed by four 15 HP direct drive blast wheels. The parts are loaded (by customer) onto a 25.5″ wide continuous manganese wire mesh belt, which
transports them through the blast machine and into the unload area. This unit was used up until May 2021 within a Japanese Automotive Parts Manufacturer.  They are changing the process at this plant and no longer need it.


  • Belt Height From Floor: 43″
  • Belt Width: 24″
  • Wire Diameter: 0.25″
  • Wire Mesh Opening: 1.12″ x 1.12″
  • Blast Wheel Power: 15 HP
  • Blast Wheel Dia.: 12″
  • Blast Wheel Rotation Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Abrasive Velocity: 240 ft/sec
  • Abrasive Flow Rate: 400 lbs/min
  • Blade Width: 3.5″

Equipped With:

  • Programmable Logic Control
  • (4) Blast Wheels (2 Attached to Machine, 2 Palleted)
  • 40″ W Air Wash Seperator
  • 25.5″ Continuous Mesh Belt
  • Abrasive Recovery and Cleaning System
  • 2500 CFM Rosler RF2-4 Dust Collector

Wheel Assembly

Clean blasting media is supplied to the blast wheel through the feed spout. The impeller rotates to feed small quantities of blast media to the opening in the fixed control cage, and onto the rotating blades. The blades fling the media onto the components being treated.

All blast wheel machines, irrespective of type, require the blast wheel to be correctly set in order to achieve optimum treatment of the part. incorrectly set blast wheels will lead to increased wear of the lining, and the internal blasting chamber.

The JMB 24×10/4 is equipped with four 15 horsepower direct drive blast wheels. Two blast wheels are located on top of the blast cabinet to blast downwards to clean the top of the parts, and two are mounted on the bottom of the blast cabinet to blast upwards to clean the bottom side of the parts.

System is complete and in excellent condition. Asking $155,000 USD.