Item # VF443 Signature Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Model SC-2436 front loading vacuum furnace with graphite hot zone capable of operating temperatures to 1425ºC, with partial pressure hydrogen capability to 10 Torr.

Vacuum Chamber                               – 54″ diameter x 54″ long, carbon steel with carbon steel water jacket

Hot Zone                                            – 18″ high x 24″ wide x 36″ long, graphite retort 500 lbs. gross load at 1350°C

Pumping System                                – 150 cfm mechanical pump

Power Supply                                     – 150 kw, 480 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hertz, VRT

Cooling System                                  – Fan mounting flange with blind cover plate for Recirculated Gas Cooling Fan

Control Instrumentation                     – Automation Direct PLC for logic control of furnace sequence, process gas, alarm logic, time/temperature profile, and data acquisition.

                                                            – Over temperature limit controller

                                                            – Two (2) type “S” thermocouples

Vacuum Instrumentation                    – Thermocouple type – pumping system

                                                            – Dual Baratron type – furnace

Cooling Requirement                         – 67gpm at 20° F delta

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