Item # VF441 Vacuum Purification Furnace Maximum Temperature 2400C

Manufactured by “Americarb” this is a Model AMC-51572400-24PF system with the following specs. 

1. Structure-Vertical Bottom Loading by ball screw lifting system.

2. Equipment Size-5250(L)*4950(W)*5360(H)mm (External Dimensions)

3. Purification Chamber Size-Dia1300mm*1450mm (Double wall water cooled with high quality Stainless Steel inner chamber)

4. Equipment Power-430KW – 3PH 480V , 60 HZ (Step down transformer included with the system to convert 360V to 480V)

5. Highest Temperature-2400C

6. Using Temperature-2200C-2400C

7. One load weight-600kg (graphite, including tooling)

8. Limiting vacuum degree– ≤5Pa

9. Pressure rising rate-24Pa/h

10. Gas flow rate- -0-5L/min (Halogen or Inert)

11. Cycle time–≤100 hours

12. Wet scrubber included for exhaust gas filtering and neutralization of the PH.

13. Water cooling supplied by customer. Circulating cooling water: inlet water pressure: 0.3MPa, inlet and outlet pressure difference: 0.25MPa, inlet water temperature: ≤32℃, flow rate: 13m3/h, inlet and outlet water pipe diameter: import: Rc2″. Circulation must be ensured during the production process operates stably, and the recovery time from failure should not exceed 30 seconds.

Complete furnace system as shown all new components, assembled and tested before shipment including scrubber: $980,000 US